1 Marzo - 15 Settembre 2019, Milano


The Genius Experience alla Cripta di San Sepolcro


The Milan imagined by Leonardo, after 500 years is still alive. Through the exhibition, curated by Giuseppe Frangi, a crescendo of emotions and suggestions will surprise you, culminating in the unveiling of the last work of Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art, dedicated to Milan and Leonardo.


From March 1st to July, the 30th 2019

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm

Crypt of Leonard, Piazza S. Sepolcro, Milan


Full price: 12€

Reduced price (under25; over65; groups of over 16pp): 10€

Family (2 ad. + min. 1 child): € 29

Reduced price II (children under10; school groups): € 5

Free: children under5; guides

The official spot

The Genius Experience

Discover one of the most awaited exhibitions of 2019 in Milan. An exciting and interesting journey through 500 years of history and genius.

A great experience to discover Milan and the genius of Leonardo & Warhol

To celebrate the fifth centenary of Leonardo’s death, from the 1st of March the the 30th of July, 2019, the Crypt of Leonard hosts a great exhibition by Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol.

In Milan’s oldest church in Milan you will have the opportunity to travel along a six centuries itinerary. Through this travel, you will be accompanied by two protagonists of their respective eras, even if with four centuries of distance.

The exhibition, conceived by the MilanoCard Group, is curated by Giuseppe Frangi, co-produced by the Veneranda Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana and the Credito Valtellinese Group. Through immersive projections, the exhibition will guide you in the Milan lived, designed and imagined by Leonardo da Vinci, to end with the live view of The Last Supper by Andy Warhol, the artwork with which the father of Pop Art reinterpreted Leonardo’s masterpiece in 1986.

This touching journey continues through the themes that Leonardo’s visionary mind had anticipated and which marked the history and development of Milan. These include the discovery of water, of the relationship with land and nature and of the technological and architectural innovation that has led to the city of skyscrapers and vertical woods (“Bosco Verticale“) that is Milan nowadays. A unique experience, to be lived in the city where Leonardo invented a new world with his painting, through a capacity for observation that has paved the way to the development of science. An experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the Milan of music and solidarity, prefigured by the table of the Last Supper, which arrives at the Refectory Ambrosiano, thanks to the unveiling of Warhol’s artwork.

The exhibition could not but be hosted in Milan’s oldest underground Church, defined by Leonardo Da Vinci as the “true center” of the city, where the Cardo Maximus and the Decumanus Maximus crossed. A role that today the Crypt of Leonard has once again embraced: after the extraordinary success of the Bill Viola exhibition and of the exhibition on the great director Michelangelo Antonioni, here comes “The genius experience”.

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The Crypt of Leonardo

Built as a private chapel around the year one thousand, the Crypt of Leonardo has a thousand-year history to tell. Leonardo da Vinci identified it as the true center of the ancient Mediolanum.
Closed for over 50 years and reopened to the public only in 2016, it has unveiled its charm and history to tens of thousands of visitors, in a very innovative way, thanks to the dialogue with contemporary art; from the great Bill Viola exhibition in 2017 to the one dedicated to Antonioni in 2018 up to the arrival of Warhol in 2019. A path full of emotions for hearts and minds.

“Milan’s coolest place”